Best Supplements For Runners

Many runners have taken supplements to level up their performance both during training and in competition in the past. The use of supplements was believed to increase the amount of force that a runner could exert on his or her leg muscles. 

Going by this theory, it is no wonder why so many runners in the past have turned to supplements when they needed advantage over their opponents.

Most runners today still believe in taking certain types of supplements before they engage themselves in strenuous physical activity such as running. 

Researchers who study sports nutrition say that there are three major categories under which different kinds of fitness-related products can be grouped: energy replacement products, energy enhancement products, and muscle strengthening/repairing/growth promoting products.

Examples of these energy replacement products are energy drinks, sports bars, and carbohydrate gels. Energy enhancement products include caffeine pills and other similar tablets that can provide the body with enough energy to last for an extended period without feeling tired.

Muscle-strengthening/repairing/growth-promoting product refers to various types of protein supplements that athletes take to speed up muscle recovery after strenuous physical activities. 

The use of these supplements has become especially popular in the sports world today due to the significant decrease in popularity for endurance training since marathon running began losing its essence as a sporting event.

Although there is no specific research evidence on whether or not any of these supplements work in enhancing performance, many people in society still believe in their effectiveness when it comes to helping runners perform better while running.

A common belief among runners is that energy drinks contain a special type of sugar that provides them with enough energy to go through their training, making them feel refreshed and full of energy the whole time they are running. Some researchers have compared this theory to adding several spoonful’s of sugar in a liter of water and drinking it.

Although there may be some truth to the fact that these drinks can provide someone with plenty of energy, there has been recent research evidence suggesting that a lot of people do not need an additional source for providing them with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates since most people’s diet already contains sufficient amounts of carbs every day, especially when the person preparing his or her meal takes account the number calories he or she is consuming.

Carbohydrate gels are another popular type of energy replacement product that runners use. These gels are often consumed by athletes during endurance events and are meant to provide the body with a steady stream of glucose to prevent the person from feeling tired or weak. The main ingredients that these carbohydrate gels contain are maltodextrin and fructose, which break down easily in the gut and provide people with a good source of energy.

Another popular belief among runners is that taking caffeine pills can help them run for a longer period without feeling tired. Caffeine is said to work as an ergogenic aid, meaning that it can help improve athletic performance. Many different studies have been conducted on the effects of caffeine on runners, with mixed results. Some researchers say that caffeine can help runners improve their performance by increasing the amount of energy they have, while others say that it can lead to dehydration and other health problems.

What Are Supplements?

Supplements are substances that are not essential to human life but are taken to improve health or performance. Some common supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids.

There are many reasons why people take supplements. Some individuals use supplements to enhance their health, while others use them to improve their athletic abilities.

Many different supplements can be beneficial for runners. Some of the best supplements for runners are described below.

Proteins: Protein is required for the maintenance and development of muscles, which can lead to better performance. Some examples of protein supplements include whey, casein, soy, and egg proteins.

Electrolytes: Electrolytes are substances that carry an electric charge in the body. All muscle activity involves the movement of electrolytes across cell membranes; therefore, runners need to maintain their electrolyte balance.

Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats found mainly in cold-water fish (e.g., salmon), flaxseeds/flax oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, or hemp seed oil. They are known to improve metabolic efficiency and aid recovery after workouts by potentially reducing inflammation and decreasing muscle soreness.

Supplements are generally safe if they are taken in appropriate amounts. However, some supplements have the potential to cause side effects when consumed at high doses or by people who have certain medical conditions or who are taking certain medications. 

For example, ginseng is known for causing different side effects in men and women. Ginseng can cause erectile dysfunction in men but has been shown to improve fertility in women. A substance that may also increase estrogen levels is soy-based protein intake, which could be dangerous for runners with a history of estrogen-dependent breast cancer

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Here are some of the best supplements available for runners:

Hammer Nutrition Tissue Rejuvenator

This is one of the best joint repairing supplements for runners. It has components that aid in the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues as well as the reduction of swelling and pain relief, as well as mobility in joints. These benefits make it an important tool for runners who are looking to get back to running as quickly as possible after an injury or race.

It contains antioxidants, electrolytes, and other nutrients that are essential for runners. And unlike some other supplements on the market, it doesn’t contain any substances. 

Particularly if your endurance sports training or racing causes you to suffer from inflammation, pain after workouts ( DOMS ), or other injury symptoms like swelling and stiffness, giving Hammer Nutrition Tissue Rejuvenator a try is a great option.

The CRP (C-reactive protein) level in the body is reduced by this supplement, which aids with the repair of muscles following a strenuous exercise or race. CRP (C-reactive protein) is a protein that plays an essential role in several metabolic processes throughout the body. After using this supplement for four weeks, runners who suffered hamstring injuries showed improvement compared to those in the placebo group. 

Athletes involved in cycling events were able to train longer and more intensely while taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of the supplement.

Ingredients like arginine, beta-alanine, and glutamine support muscle recovery as well. Together they make up about 30% of the Tissue Rejuvenator formula. Beta-alanine is an amino acid that has been shown to delay muscle fatigue, while glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is essential for gut health and proper immune system function.

Tissue Rejuvenator also contains natural anti-inflammatories like ginger, turmeric, ginseng, and red clover, as well as antioxidants vitamin E, C, glutathione, pine bark extract, CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, resveratrol, grape seed extract, and selenium. These all support the body’s ability to recover after a tough workout or race.

Since they’re made by a company with an excellent reputation for quality products at great prices (they boast the lowest price on pre-workout supplements ), you can rest assured that you’re getting good value for your money.


  • Accelerates the healing of muscles
  • Tissues that have been damaged can be rebuilt
  • It reduces swelling and pain
  • Joint mobility is enhanced


  • Some people might find the pills to be too large to take easily

Saltstick Caps Plus

These caps are a runner’s dream. It is specifically formulated to prevent muscle cramping and hydrate you while avoiding substances.

Saltstick was founded by two endurance athletes who were looking for a cramp-free race experience. They developed a salt capsule that would not cause any stomach issues and contained all of the electrolytes needed to prevent cramping.

Let’s take a closer look at the formula. It contains potassium chloride (KCl), sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium chloride (NaCl), Choline bitartrate, and organic sunflower oil. The latter may be an issue for vegetarians or vegans.

The recommended dosage is one capsule per 60-120 ounces of fluids consumed during extended exercise sessions lasting over 1 hour. Saltstick Caps Plus contains no sugars or sweeteners which may be a good thing in an endurance runner’s supplement regimen. 

You can also use it in place of table salt when cooking your food! It comes in a pill form, which can be stored in a running belt or pocket. The only disadvantage is that the dispenser might be difficult to carry.

Overall, Saltstick Caps Plus is a wonderful option for runners looking for an electrolyte replacement solution! Be sure to try out this product if you’re looking for an edge in your next race!


  • Replenishes electrolytes in your cells
  • Prohibited chemicals are absent
  • Muscle cramps are less likely to happen
  • Vegetarians may enjoy it


  • The dispenser might be inconvenient to transport, and capsules may get misplaced in a jogging belt or pocket

Pacific Health Lab Endurox Excel

This is a fantastic supplement since it contains natural chemicals that aid in muscular recuperation. Runners often injure their muscles when they are running long distances, which is why this product helps prevent injury while slowing down the aging process to help runners last longer. 

Runners also suffer from fatigue quickly due to lack of energy and their cardio workout, so this product speeds up your metabolism so you can complete another lap around the track or finish your daily run at a faster rate than before without burning out too quickly.

The use of Endurox Excel capsules has been linked to weight loss as well as increased stamina. The only downside to this product is that runners who suffer from high blood pressure should consult a doctor before using these capsules. Otherwise, Endurox Excel is an excellent supplement for runners and can improve their performance.

Each capsule of Endurox Excel contains 400 mg of maltodextrin, 100 mg of calcium carbonate, 25 IU of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), 18 mg of sodium, and smaller amounts of other ingredients.

Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that the body can easily convert into glucose for energy. It also has been shown to speed up muscle recovery after physical activity. Calcium carbonate helps neutralize acids in the body and plays a role in muscle contraction and nerve impulses.

It also helps to strengthen bones, which supports the body during physical activities and reduces muscle fatigue and injury risk. Vitamin E is high in antioxidants that help prevent damage to fat cells and other tissues within the body due to free radicals and toxins, as well as preventing aging and repairing muscles after running. Finally, sodium plays a role in hydration by regulating fluid balance and electrolyte imbalances within the body.


  • Helps muscles recuperate more quickly
  • Natural components are used in all-natural products
  • Muscles become less tired
  • For antioxidants, it includes 60 IU of vitamin E


  • Consult a doctor before using these pills if you have high blood pressure

Hammer Nutrition Endurance BCAA+

These are 240 capsules in a bottle. Endurance BCAA+ is formulated for muscle repair and to help runners focus on their running goals. It can also increase stamina during hard physical activities.

This formula contains high-quality Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that have been shown to decrease exercise stress, decrease protein breakdown, and improve strength training adaptations. More specifically, Endurance BCAA+ provides the branched-chain amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine in a 2:1:1 ratio.

This essential amino is metabolized directly by skeletal muscles where they are oxidized for energy or used as building blocks for muscle synthesis. This product is ideal for runners seeking to improve performance, reduce muscle damage, and speed up recovery.

Hammer Nutrition Endurance BCAA+ helps runners in their hard physical activities by decreasing exercise stress, decreasing protein breakdown, and improving strength training adaptations. Runners can also stabilize their blood sugar levels with this supplement.

The only drawback to Endurance BCAA+ is that it is slightly expensive, but for the benefits that it provides, it is worth the investment.


  • It improves one’s strength and concentration
  • Made for muscular regeneration
  • This could help to keep blood sugar levels steady


  • Expensive

Redcon1 Green Beret Vegan Protein

Redcon1 Green Beret Vegan Protein is different from other protein supplements. This is because it is made with vegan ingredients. This makes it a good choice for people who don’t use whey and dairy products and for those who want to be healthy and protect the environment.

This supplement contains many good vegan proteins such as pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp seed. Also, it has added amino acids that help in recovery after workouts and help with muscle growth. It tastes like vanilla and is made in the United States.

Protein supplements are very important for runners because they help them recover from a hard workout and improve their times during races. Most running supplements contain whey protein, but Redcon1 Green Beret Vegan Protein is a great alternative that helps people get the nutrients they need.


  • Every scoop contains 20 grams of essential proteins
  • Vegans will benefit from this item
  • There are no synthetic colors or flavors added
  • Sweetened with sugar rather than artificial sweeteners


  • It might be more expensive than other protein supplements on the market

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Nature’s Plus Source Of Life

This is one of the most recommended multi-vitamin supplements for runners. The efficacy of this pill is supported by a combination of vitamins, lipids, enzymes, and protein that will almost certainly aid in the running. It is free of gluten and it’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Vitamins are very important when it comes to running because they help our body with energy production. Vitamin B1 helps with carbohydrate metabolism while riboflavin helps with the body’s cells’ oxygen metabolism which is very useful in muscles’ energy production. Vitamin B5 stimulates red blood cell formation which enhances the delivery of nutrients and removal of wastes in your body thus making your endurance better during your run.

Lipids are fats found in every cell membrane that form a lipid bilayer – that’s why runners must have lipids during their run. Lipids are made up of fatty acids which are essential components in the cell membrane. Fatty acids can be found in salmon, sunflower seeds, olive oil, and almonds.

Amino acids are also very important because they provide the body with energy before, during, and after workouts. Arginine supports nitric oxide production which is beneficial to runners especially if they’re taking part in marathons or games because it can increase blood flow by widening blood vessels; this makes oxygen delivery more efficient. 

Lysine may help you recover faster from your workout since it plays a big role in forming proteins – proteins allow tissues to repair themselves which means less pain compared to those who don’t have lysine in their diet.

Another reason why Nature’s Plus Source Of Life is one of the most popular multi-vitamin running supplements is that it consists of 35 organic whole foods, which are said to generate more energy than a non-organic supplement. These whole foods also include green vegetables, nuts, and seeds, fruits, herbs, roots, and tubers.

They are also registered by the FDA and certified by the NSF. They make sure that all their products go through an intensive testing process before selling them to consumers. It has also been around since 1972 so people can trust the brand especially when it comes to quality assurance.


  • Vitamins, lipids, enzymes, and amino acids are combined to make a formula
  • 35 organic whole foods are used to make it and it’s ideal for those looking to increase their vegetable consumption
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly
  • Registered and certified by the FDA and NSF respectively


  • For some people, tablets might be difficult to consume since they are big

Now Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500 mg Capsules

This supplement is readily absorbed by the body and doesn’t produce any jittery side effects, unlike some other supplements. It also comes with an NPA A-rated GMP certification, so you can rest confident that you’re receiving a high-quality product.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine has been shown to improve running performance in several ways. First, it aids in the resistance of glycogen depletion, which is one of the most common causes of fatigue during endurance activity. 

Second, it aids in muscle recovery, which is essential for runners who are constantly putting strain on their muscles. And finally, it has been shown to improve cognitive function, which can be helpful for runners who need to stay focused during long races.

Now Acetyl-L-Carnitine was formulated in a doctor’s office as a way to treat a particular liver disorder. The clinical benefits of this product were so remarkable that it became one of the top-selling products for its company. 

Athletes rapidly jumped on board due to their own fitness goals and with additional research showing its effectiveness, the user quickly spread from endurance athletes to weekend warriors looking for an affordable way to improve performance and recover more quickly.

They are absorbed by the body very quickly, are all-natural, and are affordable to any budget. It only requires one capsule per day for adults. It is safe for long-term use.

They’re an excellent choice for runners of all levels and can help you achieve your fitness goals.


  • It is rapidly absorbed by the body
  • It prevents the depletion of glycogen
  • Strengthens muscles and aids in recovery


  • It might make some runners anxious

To Sum Up…

These are just some of the most beneficial supplements for runners. Each one has its own set of rules when being taken so be sure to check instructions before ingesting any product no matter which article you choose. This will ensure that the supplements you take are not counter-productive to your health or fitness goals.

When it comes to choosing the best supplements for runners, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for another. 

It’s often a good idea to talk with your doctor first before taking any supplements. If you’re not sure, try talking with friends who take supplements regularly and ask them what works for them! After all, the best way to form an educated opinion on something is through personal experience.