How Can Beginners Run Longer Distances For Half Marathons

If you are a beginner, you know how hard it is to run long distances. Your shins start hurting and your knees start to pain. And when you check how many miles you’ve been running, your watch says that it’s only been 2 miles. And you want to train to run a half marathon which is 13 miles.

So how do you make these long runs easier on your body? Or how do you train or come up with a strategy to make sure that this painful feeling doesn’t come up when you are actually running the half marathon?

Here’s the thing, when you are training for your first half-marathon, you will have to go through a painful phase where you start to learn the limitations of your body. That is because this is the first time you are actually pushing your body to its limits.

Some runners might struggle in this phase more than others. But it all depends on how consistent you are and how quickly you are able to recover from the training sessions.

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Beginner Half Marathon Training Plan – 20 Weeks

I know starting to train for a half marathon is tough. Most people think they can’t do it, or they don’t know how to train for it. Or worse, they think they don’t have the time for it. The thing is, it is all about prioritizing your fitness over other things.

Here’s what I think – if you are so busy making money that you can’t keep yourself healthy, then that money is going to waste because you won’t be able to enjoy it for long.

Without diving deep into philosophy, I am writing this article to make the marathon training easy for you. So easy that you will enjoy training for it and in fact look forward to it. My goal is to make it so enjoyable that you don’t skip it.

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Free Basic 52 Week Half Marathon Training Plan For Beginners

Congratulations, you have decided that you are going to run the first half-marathon of your life. That’s a right step toward fitness and making sure that not only are you on the right path, but your journey is fun.

Now is when the work starts, and you have to give it your best shot because your first half-marathon will lay the foundation for future marathons and other fitness activities that you might want to get into.

The goal here is to train in such a way that when you cross that 21 kilometer finish line, you feel strong. This means you will have to train your body to go past the 21 kilometer mark. That way, when you finish the half-marathon, you will still have a couple of kilometers left in the tank.

This 52-week training plan that I have below for you should be perfect to get started with.

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How Long Does It Take To Walk a Half Marathon

Since the beginning of this year, a lot of people have made fitness as one of their primary goals to achieve. A lot of people fell behind on their fitness because of the lockdown and they want to get a head start.

And because there is still a risk working out in the gyms, running is the best option a lot of people have right now.

And who doesn’t want to finish a marathon or a half marathon? Almost every person out there that is passionate about fitness has this on their bucket list. They want to finish a marathon at least once at some point in their life. They don’t want to set a record or anything, they just want to have that under their belt.

But marathons take a lot of training and preparation right?

Yes it does.

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