Honey Stinger Energy Gels Review


  • Gel tastes like watered-down honey
  • Price is WAY cheaper than other gels on the market
  • The pouch is smaller than others
  • Works well for almost everyone
  • The energy lasts for the entire run!



  • If you don’t like the taste of honey, stay away from this gel
  • Contains more sugar compared to other gels
  • Non-organic


How Is Honey Stinger Energy Gel Different From Other Gels?

Well, the main difference is the honey flavor and their tiny packaging. We as runners are always looking for things that are as compact as possible so we don’t have to carry big heavy things on us when we are running.

Because the more weight you have on you, the slower you will run – some quick physics for ya 😉

Honey Stinger kept that in mind and made this gel as small as possible. It is WAY smaller than all the other energy gels I have tried so far which is mind-blowing.

Besides that, the silky smooth consistency of this gel is easy to squeeze and swallow or eat. I like to chew these gels a bit, I don’t know why I do it.


How Long Till the Energy Was Available?

It took almost 5 minutes for the energy to kick in which is surprising. When compared with other energy gels, Honey Stinger sits in the section of gels that take the longest amount of time to kick in.

Ideally, at least for me, any energy gel shouldn’t take more than a minute to kick in. Because you are still running while you eat this gel so it should be able to kick in as soon as possible.


How Long Does the Energy Last?

Now, this is the good part. The energy boost did last about 30-35 minutes for me. And I was easily able to concentrate on my run without having any mental fog at all.

I was able to breeze through the miles for about 30 minutes and I didn’t have to drag at all.

Some people say that they felt the energy last almost 40-45 minutes, which is great. But for me, it lasted around 30-35 minutes which is still a respectable time to last considering that it does not contain caffeine.



  • Gold (Honey flavor) – this tasted like watered down honey as I said. So if you are like me and like the taste of honey, you won’t mind the taste of this energy gel. Also, keep in mind that this flavor is non-organic.
  • Fruit Smoothie – This is an organic flavor. You will feel like the taste is more on the strawberry side which is definitely a good thing. You can still taste the honey but it doesn’t take over your palate. One thing I do like to point out is that the fruit smoothie flavor left an aftertaste through the entire run. Besides that, everything was great.
  • Chocolate + Caffeine
  • Acai pomegranate
  • Mango orange
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Vanilla
  • Ginseng



You can find the Honey Stinger energy gel in almost all major grocery stores that carry energy gels. And if you prefer buying online, Amazon is the best place for it. But make sure you aren’t trying to buy around huge marathon events because there were some times when the gel was out of stock.

So if you are stocking up for a race tomorrow, it is better to buy it a couple of days in advance so you have as many as you need. Or you can just buy it from the grocery store on race day.


Are Honey Stinger Gels Good?

Yes. If you like the taste of honey and are okay with non-organic energy gels, you will like this gel. If you prefer organic gels, then you will have to try their Fruit Smoothie flavor.


How Do You Use Honey Gel Stinger?

Whenever you are starting to feel low energy during your run, you can pop one of these gels and in 4-5 minutes you will start to feel a rush of energy come into your body.

This energy will last around 30-45 minutes without you having to drag yourself through the marathon.


Does Honey Stinger Gel Have Caffeine?

Their Chocolate + Caffeine flavor has caffeine. All the other flavors do not have caffeine in them.

So if caffeine is a dealbreaker for you, you will have to go with the Chocolate + Caffeine flavor.


How long do energy gels take to kick in?

It depends on the ingredients of the energy gels, to be honest. Honey Stinger takes around 4-5 minutes to kick and the energy lasts around 30-45 minutes.